Quarterly GDP growth of India

Source Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation : 2011-2019, 2019-20
Date07 Sep 2019

GDP at constant (2011-12) prices in Q1 of 2019-20 is estimated at 35.85 lakh crore INR, showing a growth rate of 5.01 percent over the corresponding quarter of previous year. It is the slowest growth since the fourth quarter of FY13. GDP growth was 7.95% in the year-earlier quarter and 5.83% in the preceding one. Growth is decreasing since Q4 of FY18 (8.13%).

Since 2012-13, India attained maximum growth of 9.37 percent in Q1 of 2016-17, while minimum growth rate of 4.30 percent in Q4 of 2012-13.

Quarterly GVA at Basic Price at Constant (2011-12) Prices for Q1 of 2019-20 is estimated at 33.48 lakh crore, showing a growth rate of 4.94 percent over the corresponding quarter of previous year.

GVA growth rates in third quarter of Agriculture & allied, Industry, and Services sector are 2.0%, 2.7%, and 6.9%, respectively. The economic activities which registered growth of over 7 percent in Q1 of 2019-20 over Q1 of 2018-19 are'‘Electricity, Gas, Water Supply & Other Utility Services', 'Trade, Hotels, Transport, Communication and Services Related to Broadcasting' and 'Public Administration, Defence and Other Services'. Slowest growth registered in Manufacturing Sector (0.6%) followed by Agriculture,forestry & fishing (2.0%).

Nominal GDP growth, a measure of GDP without adjusting for inflation, rose just 8%, the least in the current series of national accounts going back to FY12.

quarterly gdp growth rate of India at 2011-12 prices
quarterly gdp growth rate of India at current prices

Quarterly GDP growth

YearGDP growth at 2011-12 prices GDP growth at current prices
Q1Q2Q3Q4Total Q1Q2Q3Q4Total
2019-2020 5.01---5.017.99---7.99

Quarterly GDP

YearGDP (crore INR) at 2011-12 prices GDP (crore INR) at current prices
Q1Q2Q3Q4Total Q1Q2Q3Q4Total
2019-2020 3,585,175---3,585,1754,892,693---4,892,693

Sectorwise Quarterly GDP growth

Sector Growth (2015-16) at 2011-12 prices Growth (2015-16) at current prices
Q1Q2Q3Q4 Q1Q2Q3Q4
1Agriculture Sector2.0---7.9---
1.1Agriculture,forestry & fishing2.0---7.9---
2Industry Sector2.7---4.8---
2.1Mining & quarrying2.7---5.5---
2.3Electricity, gas, water supply & other utility services8.6---8.7---
3Services Sector6.9---9.7---
3.1Trade, hotels, transport, communication and services related to broadcasting7.1---10.7---
3.2Financial, real estate & prof servs5.9---6.4---
3.3Public Administration, defence and other services8.5---14.0---
GVA at basic prices 4.94 7.95