Delhi Assembly elections results

Source Election Commission of India
Date11 Feb 2020

Indian National Congress became single largest party three times (1998,2003,2008) in Delhi assembly elections out of seven elections held since 1993. Bharatiya Janata Party was largest party in first state election 1993 and in 2013. Aam Aadmi Party won highest number of seats in last two elections.

Highest number of seats and vote share has been secured by AAP party in 2015 when Arvind Kejriwal-led party got 67 seats with 54.34% vote share. Again AAP got over 50% vote share in next election 2020. The Congress party, which ruled Delhi for 15 years, has not won even a single seat in last two elections. Party got maximum 52 seats in 1998. While highest vote share of 48.13% in 2003. And now its vote share has declined to 4.26% in 2020.

BJP best performance was in 1993 with 49 seats and 42.82% vote share. Bharatiya Janata Party got lowest vote share in 2015 (32.19%).

In six elections, single largest party has claimed absolute majority in Delhi by clearing 36 seats out of total 70 seats. In the 2013 Delhi state elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party (along with its pre-poll ally Shiromani Akali Dal) emerged as the single-largest party, winning 32 out of the 70 seats and fell short of an outright majority.

Delhi Assembly election results 2020

Party Contested Won Vote % Total Vote
BJPBharatiya Janata Party67838.5%3,574,252
INCIndian National Congress6604.26%395,837
BSPBahujan Samaj Party7000.71%66,117
AAAPAam Aadmi Party706253.58%4,973,899
JD(U)Janata Dal (United)200.91%84,263
LJPLok Jan Shakti Party100.35%32,760
NOTANone of the Above7000.46%43,071
Total 70 100.00%

Delhi Assembly election results 2015

Party Contested Won FD Vote % Total Vote
BJPBharatiya Janata Party693232.19%2,890,485
INCIndian National Congress700629.65%866,814
BSPBahujan Samaj Party700691.3%117,093
AAAPAam Aadmi Party7067054.34%4,878,397
INLDIndian National Lok Dal2010.61%54,464
SADShiromani Akali Dal1000.5%44,880
NOTANone of the Above700700.4%35,897
Total673 70525 100.00%8,978,269

Delhi Assembly election results 2013

Party Contested Won FD Vote % Total Vote
BJPBharatiya Janata Party6831233.07%2,604,100
INCIndian National Congress7081124.55%1,932,933
BSPBahujan Samaj Party690635.35%420,926
AAAPAam Aadmi Party7028929.49%2,322,330
JD(U)Janata Dal (United)271260.87%68,812
SADShiromani Akali Dal2100.91%71,757
INLDIndian National Lok Dal2010.57%45,071
NOTANone of the Above700700.63%49,884
Total810 70612 100.00%7,873,704

Delhi Assembly election results 2008

Party Contested Won FD Vote % Total Vote
BJPBharatiya Janata Party6923436.34%2,244,629
INCIndian National Congress7043140.31%2,489,816
BSPBahujan Samaj Party7024914.05%867,672
NCPNationalist Congress Party316041.38%85,394
RJDRashtriya Janata Dal110100.64%39,713
LJPLok Jan Shakti Party411391.35%83,184
SAD(M)Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar)(Simranjit Singh Mann)1000.5%31,084
Total875 70711 100.00%6,177,344

Delhi Assembly election results 2003

Party Contested Won FD Vote % Total Vote
BJPBharatiya Janata Party7020735.22%1,589,323
INCIndian National Congress7047148.13%2,172,062
BSPBahujan Samaj Party580573.09%126,197
NCPNationalist Congress Party331312.24%101,292
JD(S)Janata Dal (Secular)121110.75%33,713
Total817 70672 100.00%4,512,872

Delhi Assembly election results 1998

Party Contested Won FD Vote % Total Vote
BJPBharatiya Janata Party6715234.02%1,390,689
INCIndian National Congress7052147.76%1,952,071
BSPBahujan Samaj Party580573.09%126,197
SAPSamata Party7070.49%20,049
JDJanata Dal481471.8%73,385
Total815 70699 100.00%4,087,426

Delhi Assembly election results 1993

Party Contested Won FD Vote % Total Vote
BJPBharatiya Janata Party7049042.82%1,520,675
INCIndian National Congress7014434.48%1,224,361
JDJanata Dal7044912.65%449,115
BSPBahujan Samaj Party550551.88%66,796
Total1316 701155 100.00%3,551,248