Jammu & Kashmir Assembly election results

Source Election Commission of India
Date07 Jun 2021
Code Party Won Vote % Total Vote
BJPBharatiya Janata Party250.84%1,107,194
BSPBahujan Samaj Party01.41%67,786
CPICommunist Party of India00.05%2,500
CPI(M)Communist Party of India (Marxist)00.50%24,017
INCIndian National Congress1218.01%867,883
NCPNationalist Congress Party00.06%3,128
JKPDPJammu & Kashmir Peoples Democratic Party2822.67%1,092,203
JKNJammu & Kashmir National Conference1520.77%1,000,693
JKNPPJammu & Kashmir National Panthers Part01.99%95,941
SPSamajwadi Party00.10%4,985
JPCJammu & Kashmir People Conference21.93%93,182
JKDPNJammu and Kashmir Democratic Party Nationalist00.54%26,221
JKPDFJammu And Kashmir People Democratic Front (Secular)00.72%34,886
AJKMPAll J & K Kisan Majdoor Party00.11%5,087
NOTANone of the Above01.02%49,129
Total 87100.00%4,817,981