List of continents by GDP per capita

Source International Monetary Fund World Economic Outlook (April-2024)
Date22 Apr 2024

North America has the highest continental gdp per capita by both GDP Nominal and PPP in the world. With $53,478 in nominal terms, the per capita gdp of North America is 403% of the world GDP per capita. North America is followed by Oceania ($42,439). There is a large gap between 3rd ranked Europe ($34,636), and 4th ranked South America ($9,645). Europe is at 2nd place, Oceania is at 3rd, and South America is at 4th position in ppp methods. Africa is the poorest continent in the world. GDP per capita of Asia, South America, and Africa are less than the global average.

Four subregions have figures above $50,000 as Northern America is the richest subregion, followed by Australia and New Zealand, Northern Europe, and Western Europe. In ppp terms too, these four occupy the top four positions, but the ranking is different as Western Europe is at 2nd spot, followed by Northern Europe and Australia and New Zealand. GDP per capita of these four subregions are more than four times greater than the global per capita in nominal and almost three times greater in the ppp list. In the nominal list, the bottom three positions are occupied by African subregions.

Western Europe would add $4,350 in 2023, followed by Northern America ($3,411), Southern Europe ($2,825) and Northern Europe ($2,790). Two continents (Africa and Oceania) nd Seven subregions has seen a decline in GDP per capita in nominal methods.

Grouping of continents and subregions are as per United Nations Statistics Division.

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Continents by gdp per capita (IMF)

Continent GDP (Nominal per capita) ($) GDP (PPP per capita) (Int. $)
20232024Net change% world 20232024Net change% world
North America54,15156,7052,55443158,12460,5532,429275
South America9,85510,1673127719,59420,22362992
World 12,740 13,171 431 20,849 22,038 1,189

Continents by gdp per capita (UN)

Continent GDP per capita ($) % world
197020002022 197020002022
North America3,92324,69150,322423449398
South America6053,9238,839657170
World 928 5,497 12,647

Subregions by gdp per capita (IMF)

Subregion GDP (Nominal per capita) ($) GDP (PPP per capita) (Int. $)
20232024Net change% world 20232024Net change% world
Southern Asia2,4392,646207209,3119,99067945
Western Asia15,70815,99829012134,54235,9401,398163
South-Eastern Asia5,6035,9483454516,41817,4411,02379
Eastern Asia15,27615,84456812027,56529,3451,780133
Central Asia5,7116,2365254715,79616,51972375
Southern Africa5,9535,826-1274415,62415,93330972
Western Africa1,5501,293-257104,9655,15619123
Northern Africa3,5393,446-932613,33813,82448663
Eastern Africa1,2871,37285103,4963,68118517
Middle Africa1,3521,37018103,3633,4619816
Southern Europe31,01132,1441,13324447,79449,5041,710225
Western Europe53,43355,1081,67541864,71766,4871,770302
Northern Europe54,61056,7682,15843163,62465,3231,699296
Eastern Europe15,09815,82973112035,31837,6762,358171
Northern America78,64082,0753,43562379,29782,6833,386375
Central America11,69712,9501,2539821,87022,731861103
South America9,85510,1673127719,59420,22362992
Australia and New Zealand62,49263,6121,12048362,77564,5111,736293
World 12,740 13,171 431 20,849 22,038 1,189

Subregions by gdp per capita (UN)

Subregion GDP ($) % world Continent
197020002022 197020002022
Central Asia - 7505,118- 1440Asia
Eastern Africa1853291,0872069Africa
Western Africa3875051,79542914Africa
Northern Africa2891,4723,298312726Africa
Middle Africa2774571,46530812Africa
Southern Africa7773,0726,485845651Africa
Eastern Asia3314,87615,0633689119Asia
Southern Asia1315022,37214919Asia
South-Eastern Asia1351,1935,330152242Asia
Western Asia6724,74414,2177286112Asia
Eastern Europe1,5532,16314,33116739113Europe
Northern Europe2,67926,80153,207289488421Europe
Southern Europe1,51114,15627,853163258220Europe
Western Europe2,82724,23749,648305441393Europe
Northern America5,24135,12374,012565639585North America
Central America8006,0279,9748611079North America
Caribbean7004,42011,135758088North America
South America6053,9238,839657170South America
Australia and New Zealand3,36220,31164,485362369510Oceania
World 928 5,497 12,647