List of continents by GDP per capita

Source International Monetary Fund World Economic Outlook (October-2021)
Date03 Nov 2021

North America has the highest continental gdp per capita by both GDP Nominal and PPP in the world. With $46,160 in nominal terms, the per capita gdp of North America is 376% of the world GDP per capita. North America is closely followed by Oceania ($44,741). There is a large gap between 3rd ranked Europe ($31,589), and 4th ranked Asia ($8,034). Europe is at 2nd place, Oceania is at 3rd, and South America is at 4th position in ppp methods. Africa is the poorest continent in the world. GDP per capita of Asia, South America, and Africa are less than the global average.

Four subregions have figures above $50,000 as Northern America is the richest subregion, followed by Australia and New Zealand, Northern Europe, and Western Europe. In ppp terms too, these four occupy the top four positions, but the ranking is different as Western Europe is at 2nd spot, followed by Northern Europe and Australia and New Zealand. GDP per capita of these four subregions are more than four times greater than the global per capita in nominal and almost three times greater in the ppp list. In the nominal list, the bottom three positions are occupied by African subregions.

Australia and New Zealand would add $9,284 in 2021, followed by Northern Europe ($6,746), Northern America ($6,371), Western Europe ($4,847), and Southern Europe ($3,131). Polynesia and Micronesia will see a decline in GDP per capita in both methods.

Grouping of continents and subregions are as per United Nations Statistics Division.

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Continents by gdp per capita (IMF)

Continent GDP (Nominal per capita) ($) GDP (PPP per capita) (Int. $)
20202021Net change% world 20202021Net change% world
North America41,79446,1604,36637645,28449,4384,154264
South America6,6257,5248996114,67916,0551,37686
World 11,108 12,284 1,176 17,253 18,715 1,462

Continents by gdp per capita (UN)

Continent GDP per capita ($) % world
197020002019 197020002019
North America3,79124,62542,796410450377
South America6073,9288,238667273
World 924 5,476 11,339

Subregions by gdp per capita (IMF)

Subregion GDP (Nominal per capita) ($) GDP (PPP per capita) (Int. $)
20202021Net change% world 20202021Net change% world
Southern Asia2,1982,482284206,5317,22169039
Western Asia11,02512,5581,53310226,01827,8991,881149
South-Eastern Asia4,6504,9803304112,77013,43466472
Eastern Asia13,89215,3271,43512520,68722,8362,149122
Central Asia3,9154,3344193512,29313,07277970
Southern Africa5,4266,5761,1505412,83013,73890873
Western Africa1,6761,823147154,2034,39519223
Northern Africa2,9443,188244269,85910,56870956
Eastern Africa1,0321,0673592,7382,87713915
Middle Africa1,0631,199136102,8372,9006316
Southern Europe25,14328,2743,13123035,78339,2263,443210
Western Europe46,29451,1414,84741652,42356,5254,102302
Northern Europe45,52052,2666,74642549,43454,1804,746290
Eastern Europe10,83812,1671,3299927,24229,6362,394158
Northern America61,28767,6586,37155161,85167,6895,838362
Central America7,4458,6441,1997016,56118,0551,49496
South America6,6257,5248996114,67916,0551,37686
Australia and New Zealand50,96560,2499,28449050,23853,8963,658288
World 11,108 12,284 1,176 17,253 18,715 1,462

Subregions by gdp per capita (UN)

Subregion GDP ($) % world Continent
197020002019 197020002019
Central Asia - 7584,161- 1437Asia
Eastern Africa1853189432068Africa
Western Africa3905061,84842916Africa
Northern Africa2881,4802,962312726Africa
Middle Africa2814551,29330811Africa
Southern Africa7832,9285,841855352Africa
Eastern Asia3304,73513,2333686117Asia
Southern Asia1335082,18714919Asia
South-Eastern Asia1341,1914,769152242Asia
Western Asia6864,83011,9757488106Asia
Eastern Europe1,5402,16811,43316740101Europe
Northern Europe2,68126,71546,680290488412Europe
Southern Europe1,51414,25826,825164260237Europe
Western Europe2,81524,22046,922305442414Europe
Northern America5,03435,21563,244545643558North America
Central America7445,7388,6068110576North America
Caribbean7064,3579,178768081North America
South America6073,9288,238667273South America
Australia and New Zealand3,30820,27252,923358370467Oceania
World 924 5,476 11,339